Craft or crafty? Denver-born Blue Moon ale target of drinker’s suit

Photo by Ricardo Velasquez/Flickr
Photo by Ricardo Velasquez/Flickr

“People are deceived into thinking that Blue Moon is the product of a craft brewery,” said Parent’s attorney, James Treglio.

“In that deception, they are undermining craft breweries,” he said. “For a consumer willing to pay extra to support these small, independent businesses, MillerCoors essentially is manipulating the system and putting those independent breweries at an unfair disadvantage.”

Steve Raabe writing for The Denver Post on a lawsuit claiming MillerCoors fraudulently promotes Blue Moon as a craft beer.

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15 secrets of the new DIA Westin Hotel

The Westing Hotel at Denver International Airport. (Photo: KMGH-TV)

Many people have speculated that the hotel looks like a navy ship, a cruise ship or a mustache. It’s supposed to resemble a pair of wings.

Secret No. 1: The building is shaped that way because the airport needed at least 500 rooms for the hotel to be financially viable, but it can only be so high due to FAA limitations, and can only be so wide because there are roads on both sides. So a plan was created to build a hotel that might have an odd shape, but had enough space for what turned out to be 519 guest rooms, plus a convention center, transit center and plaza. DIA owns the hotel but Westin will operate it.

Deb Stanley for KMGH-TV visited the still under construction Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport and explains the hotels unusual shape along with some other design novelties.

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